Our Vocational Training and Job Program Details


Choose from many job programs offer by Home Commuters which we will not only give you the needed training, we will also provide the actual job tasks to earn money directly. In addition to all the job programs we provide choose from over two hundreds thousand additional jobs updated daily exclusively through Home Commuters and presented in categories for easy selection.

Our Featured Job Programs

Below are the featured job program we provide which 7 on the list below are ranked in the top 10 work-at-home jobs that can be performed online. We provide everything you need from training to the jobs. You never need to pay for anything once a member of our online program.


Work directly with thousands of companies in our data base that pay you for simple data submissions. We provide all the needed training and resources to do this very simple job including all the needed posting tools.


We have hundreds of business evaluation companies that look to our members to provide their opinions on company’s products or services. We all the training to show you how to get paid good money for your opinions.


Home secretarial businesses are booming. This is not an actual job directly but we will show you how simple it is to create your own home secretarial business doing tasks like virtual assisting and clerical services.


One of the fastest growing opportunities to allow you to work at home creating simple articles for websites and blogs. Our training will show you how to create these articles in as little as 10 minutes to earn a great income.


Many audio transcription jobs available can’t get filled for the lack of qualified workers. We will train you on how to do audio transcribing and give you all the needed software as well as the jobs that pay exceptionally well.


We provide a training program on how to start your own blog and monetize it to earn revenue that has no limits on how much you can make through your efforts. Also we will show you how to get paid for posts to other’s blogs.


Get endless assignments using a word processor. We will show you how to use a word processor for the simple jobs you will be performing. We will even give you a free word processor if you don’t have one already!


With the training and tools that we provide, anyone can do this and begin making money doing the things they are already doing on social media. Work directly with companies that are provided and earn great money.


Our Associate Auditors job program will get you certified as a field auditor which allows you to work with local businesses providing evaluation services. Most of the work is done from home with brief visits to the businesses.

JOB CATEGORIES: A – Z – 200,000 Jobs Available

In addition to the jobs and training we provide, we will also give you access to over 200,000 jobs available through our data base that is updated daily. Many of the jobs you will already have training through our program.

Here are a few of the job categories we provide:

Account Management Jobs
Finance Jobs
Administrative Jobs
Advertising & PR Jobs
Art & Creative Jobs
Bilingual Jobs
Business Development Jobs
Call Center Jobs
Clerical Home Jobs
Communications Jobs
Computer & IT Jobs
Consumer Products Jobs
Customer Service Jobs
Credit Card Processing Jobs
Data Entry Jobs
Editing Jobs
Education & Training Jobs
Engineering Jobs
Media Jobs

Entrepreneurial Jobs

Entry-Level Jobs
Environmental & Green Jobs
Event Planning Jobs
Executive Management Jobs
Fashion & Beauty Jobs

Food & Beverage Jobs
Government & Politics Jobs
Graphic Design Jobs
Holiday & Seasonal Jobs
HR & Recruiting Jobs
Insurance Jobs
International Jobs
Internet & Ecommerce Jobs
Law & Legal Jobs
Manager Jobs
Marketing Jobs
Medical & Health Jobs
Mortgage & Real Estate Jobs
News & Journalism Jobs
Nonprofit & Philanthropy Jobs
Project Management Jobs
Proofreading Jobs
Research Jobs
Sales Jobs
Science Jobs
Sports & Fitness Jobs
Telemarketing Jobs
Transcription Jobs
Translation Jobs
Word Processing
Writing Jobs



+ Thousands of additional companies to work directly with through our program



Our program offers several job opportunities all in one place. We have simple job tasks which pay hourly, completed assignment or commission based. We list thousands of jobs in your online members account. All of the jobs are screened to assure you are not needing to pay any additional money or dealing with a scam. 



Best part of this program you don’t need to answer to anyone. It is your business and job which gives you the freedom to perform the jobs we provide on your schedule. If you don’t want to work, then you don’t have to work. No taxes are taken from your pay checks as this will be your requirement which is explained in the program.


Top Jobs

Out of the top 10 available opportunities that allow you to work at home online we offer the 7 out of the top 10. This gives you an advantage to work with online industries proven to be legitimate and earn money online. No where can you find all the opportunities along with the needed training we provide all in one place.



With no fear of being scammed this can allow you do the job tasks and get paid. All of the jobs and companies are screened to assure you get paid for your work. With Home Commuter’s work-at-home job program you will experience a career like you have always imagined and allow you the freedom to spend time doing what you love.



One of the biggest problems with finding work online is having the needed job experience or training. What sets us aside from all the other work-at-home websites is we give the needed training to do the majority of jobs on that are done online.  Once you complete the simple training you will be ready to start earning income for a very long time.



One of the best features of our program is that the majority of the companies we contract with are online. Because of this we can offer these jobs programs internationally to over 180 countries. It will not matter where you call home, as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer you can do the jobs we provide.



Home Commuters will allow you to get access to valuable resources skills training which will enhance your typing, article typing, word processing and computer knowledge. We provide this directly in our program with no additional charges to our members. It is not required but can help you better your skills which will earn you more money.



If your willing to learn you will not need any prior experience in the job fields we provide. We will give you all the needed training to learn these valuable skills that will allow you to work directly with the top online job opportunities available today. All that is required is that you put in a valid effort and leave the rest to us.

3rd-Party Online Secure Training

Because this is an online program we use a third-party secure training host to provide our program. There is a small one-time fee the third-party hosting company charges to set up your account and allow you to word directly online. Once you have access to our program everything we provide is 100% free with no hidden charges.

Free Dedicated Members Support

For all of our members we provide free support for our program. We have a dedicated support team that is only a quick email away. We can take you by the hand and walk your through the training and job tasks if required. We never charge for our support as it is our dedication to make sure you succeed.

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