Our Company

Home Commuters has been in business since 2002. We have helped thousands fullfill the dream of working at home. To date we have over 20,000 members that work with over 35,000 companies and online job firms. On any given day we will can provide up to 200,000 possible jobs to our members.

We have been proud to offer this program completely free as we have since day one. However, because of the fast growing online job market, automation is being required more each day, for this many job firms are requiring automated software to do many of the needed job tasks. In 2007 we started offering this work-at-home training and job online which enabled our workers to get instant access to hundreds of dollars worth of software as part of their online members account. This also increased the amount of jobs that were accessed in real time.

Our Staff


Kathryn Tolbert – CEO


Ben Crawford – CFO


Debra Flynn – Operations Manager


Larry Galvin – Support Manager


Diane Pearson – COO


Wanda Johnson – V.P. Operations


Clive Daniels – Jobs Management


David Maxwell – Programming Management

Work-at-Home Commuters

700 Gemini Ave.
Houston, TX 77058