Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer some commonly asked questions about our program.


  • How long have you been offering this program?
    We have been in business for over ten years. We have been offering this program for over seven years. In this time we have been able to establish many telecommuting job programs and alliances with top online job firms.


  • Am I guranteed a job?
    Yes, unlike the get-rich-quick progams and the work-at-home scams we can honestly guarantee you work with many of our job programs. We have a real established database of companyies and jobs that can be done from home. We never run out of available jobs.


  • Do I have to work a set schedule?
    No, we do not put any time lines on the jobs directly or quotas to meet. You work when you want. We will note that if you do start a project with a company then you may need to meet that company’s requirements. Also if you do not do any work then you will not earn money.


  • Do I have to live in the United States, Canada, or U.K. to get jobs?
    No, the best part of this program is that you will be doing most of the work online, so it will not matter which country you call home. There are only a few job programs out of the many like field auditor that is exclusive for U.S. and Candadian residents. We currently offer this program to over 180 countries and have members from 120 countries.


  • Is there a cost for this program?
    Yes and No. Our complete job training along with the resources, tools, software and of course jobs are 100% free. However, because this is an online program that is provided through a third-party hosting there is a small one-time fee charged by the third party to set you up on their servers so you can access the online program.


  • What are the hidden fees?
    NONE. If you choose the online program we make it a point to screen out any jobs that cost even a penny. We are not going to have you caught up in any scams or anyone asking for money. We give you all the needed software, tools, training, resources, and jobs for free and never will ask you to upgrade your account, pay additional costs, etc.


  • How much money can I earn?
    This is entirely up to you. If you work, you will get paid, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. If you want to know the earning possibilities that can be as high as $500 per days as some dedicated member are doing. We are not telling you that you will do this with no effort, but the possibilities are there for you if you want to put in the effort.


  • When do I get paid?
    The pay days will be different for each of the many jobs. Most will pay you at least once a month. Some pay twice a month, and some pay directly after completed job task. With the many different job programs and thousands of jobs and companies I think you can understand the differences in job pay days.


  • How do I get paid?
    The three primary ways you will receive your pay is by mailed check, direct deposit and PayPal. For quick payments we will show you how to set up a free PayPal account so you can get your earnings instantly. For those countries that can’t use PayPal we will show you two alternative pay processors (Moneybookers and Alertpay) to get your instant payments.


  • How do I know this is not a scam?
    We will first tell you that we do offer this program 100% free which I am not sure how you can ever classified anything that is free a scam. Second, the online access fee charge is 100% refundable. Also we sometimes will even pay part or all of the access fee for members if we are in need of workers. We make no money on your sign up unlike the scammers who only make money off your membership fee.


  • How do you make your money?
    We make our money off the companies we contract with. They pay us to provide them with trained, skilled workers to complete their needed job tasks. These companies are willing to pay us and pay you to get their work completed. This is why we do not need to make money off our members.


  • Can you take the members access fee out of my pay?
    We are sorry we can’t do that. First as mentioned our program is free. The only fee is through a third party who provides the hosting account so you can access our program.


  • How do I contact you?
    We have a complete team of members’ support agents that can answer any questions you have. Contact us by email at or